making simple car repairs on your own

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making simple car repairs on your own

My husband was nice enough to teach me how to do a lot of things to keep my car running well without having to rely so much on him or our mechanic. This all started when I couldn't get him to change the oil on my car after buying the filter and oil to do it. Weeks had passed and he still hadn't changed my oil, so I went online, looked up a video about how to do it, and got busy doing it myself. An hour later, my oil was changed and he didn't have to do a thing. If you are interested in learning how to do things to your car on your own, my blog is the place to start.

Don’t Let A Little Fender Bender Could Cause Huge Problems Down The Road

If you have had a fender bender with another vehicle and don't think the damages are worth reporting the accident to your insurance company and taking your car for repairs, think again. Even a minor fender bender can cause significant problems with mechanical parts in your car that you may not realize until later down the road when your car breaks down. Here's what you need to know. Report the Fender Bender to Your Insurance Company Read More 

Four Habits That Will Prolong The Life Of Your Brakes

Solid brakes that you can rely on are critical to your safety on the roads. That's why it's important to have your brakes serviced regularly and serviced when required. However, a trained mechanic can charge you an average of $349 or more per axle when you have your brakes done. It makes sense, then, to try and get the most life out of your new brakes. The good news is that a few changed habits can make a significant difference in the wear and tear that your brakes experience every day. Read More 

Hidden Mechanical Damage: Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Auto Body Repairs After An Accident

If you plan to do your own auto body repairs after your vehicle receives damages from an auto accident, you may want to think twice before you do. Your DIY repairs may actually make your vehicle unsafe to drive on the road because you may not spot the mechanical damages hiding beneath the exterior. Driving your car with mechanical problems may lead to another road accident. If this happens, the insurance company may not be willing to pay for the damages. Read More 

Truck Drivers Who Want To Live Full Time On The Road: Deciding What You Need In A Semi

As a truck driving professional, you can opt to make the road into your home rather than just the place you work. You can buy custom semis that have everything you need for full time living, including storage space, small kitchens, and bathrooms, but if having a fully contained "condo" in your truck is too expensive or not your cup of tea, there are other options. While looking for trucks for full-time living, keep these six questions in mind: Read More 

After A Crash: Aftermarket Crash Parts For Your Car

Not every part of a car is integral to its operation. Some parts exist for purely cosmetic reasons, think spoilers, while other parts of a car exist purely to help protect your car's auto body from extensive damage in collisions. These type of parts are called crash parts, and they are imperative to ensuring that during minor crashes your car's inner workings don't incur debilitating devastation. After an accident, when you are getting collision repair for your car, your insurance agency might want you to use aftermarket crash parts in your car's repair. Read More