making simple car repairs on your own

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making simple car repairs on your own

My husband was nice enough to teach me how to do a lot of things to keep my car running well without having to rely so much on him or our mechanic. This all started when I couldn't get him to change the oil on my car after buying the filter and oil to do it. Weeks had passed and he still hadn't changed my oil, so I went online, looked up a video about how to do it, and got busy doing it myself. An hour later, my oil was changed and he didn't have to do a thing. If you are interested in learning how to do things to your car on your own, my blog is the place to start.

Setting Up Your Truck Or SUV For Off Road Travel

Whether you use your truck or SUV for hunting, fishing, camping, or everyday commuting, if you are considering using it to travel off road there are things you can do to help it perform better and ensure you get where you are going and back. Off road or off-highway travel is different than driving on the paved roads. The demands of the vehicle are much higher and if the vehicle is not properly equipped, you may damage the truck or breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Here are a few things you might want to consider before taking your truck or SUV off road for the first time.  

Lighting The Way  

When you are traveling off road, you need to remember that there are no streetlights to illuminate the road in front of you. Sometimes seeing what is in the trail is nearly impossible with just the stock headlights on your rig. Adding lights to your truck is a great way to help light up the path in front of you. While you can get many different types of lights for your truck, an off road LED light bar offers you the advantages of very bright lights, mounted high enough to really light the up the trail and they draw very little power so will not strain your electrical and charging system the way standard lights can. A low profile light bar, mounted high on the truck is going to do the best job but even cowl mounted or bumper mounted lights can get the job done for you.  

Extending Your Range  

If you have an off-road capable truck you may still be limited how far you can travel off road with it. Remember there are no stores, gas stations, or tire shops out where you are going. Accessories that help extend your range off road also extend your safety. Fuel is a big consideration here. If you are going to add fuel cans to your truck, make sure they are mounted solidly to the outside of the vehicle. They should never be in the passenger compartment as the fumes from the fuel are very dangerous for people to breathe over time. Water cans are another great add-on. You never know when you might need water for the radiator or to drink. If you breakdown, water is a basic need that can help sustain you while you wait for help.  

Having The Right Tools On Hand  

While you may not want to carry an entire tool box filled with tools everywhere you go, having a good basic tool kit with you could be the difference between getting home and spending the night in the woods. Consider the tools you use for basic maintenance like screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and hammer when you build your kit. Stowe them securely so they are not rattling around inside the truck or SUV but are accessible when you need them. Lastly, consider putting a roll of duct tape in your kit. It might sound funny but duct tape has been known to get many broken vehicles off the trail. Think outside the box when building your kit and you will be prepared for most problems that might occur off road.