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making simple car repairs on your own

My husband was nice enough to teach me how to do a lot of things to keep my car running well without having to rely so much on him or our mechanic. This all started when I couldn't get him to change the oil on my car after buying the filter and oil to do it. Weeks had passed and he still hadn't changed my oil, so I went online, looked up a video about how to do it, and got busy doing it myself. An hour later, my oil was changed and he didn't have to do a thing. If you are interested in learning how to do things to your car on your own, my blog is the place to start.

Why You Should Buy Third-Party Roadside Coverage

Many car owners take advantage of the convenience of adding roadside assistance coverage to their auto insurance policy. It's usually a pretty affordable addition, and it's a good thing to have. However, buying roadside assistance coverage through your insurer isn't always the best idea. You should actually purchase roadside assistance service through an independent party instead. Here are a few reasons why it's best to opt for third-party instead of insurance company roadside assistance.

No Chance Of It Affecting Your Auto Insurance

While everyone knows that many insurance companies will not renew a policy if you file too many claims in a policy period, they don't stop to think about the potential for roadside assistance claims to have the same effect. The fact is that multiple roadside assistance claims on your insurance policy can result in increased premiums or even canceled policies in some cases.

Working with a third-party roadside assistance provider eliminates this risk entirely. You can file claims as needed and get the help that you need, and your auto insurance policy will remain unaffected.

You're Not Limited On Availability

When you buy roadside assistance through your insurance company, it is typically added as a coverage option for your vehicle. That means that you're restricted to the coverage only when you're driving the insured car.

Buying coverage through a third-party allows you to invest in roadside assistance that follows you as the driver, not the car. That means you'll have roadside coverage no matter what car you're driving.

You'll Have More Coverage Options

Most insurance companies offer roadside assistance coverage that only provides for certain things, such as one gallon of gas delivered to you if you run out of fuel, changing a flat tire only if you have another tire to put on, and towing. It's usually only covered for five to ten miles from where the car is, or you're limited to a certain amount on the reimbursement.

Third-party plans have far more options available. You can often customize your coverage to prioritize the things that matter to you. Perhaps they will pay the cost of patching a flat tire or bring you five gallons of gas when you run out. Others will give you as much as 100 miles for a tow if you need it. You can shop around third-party plans to find the services that meet your needs.

Contact a roadside assistance service like Parkway Wrecker Service near you today to see what options you have.